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Premium CS2 Hacks

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Win 7/8/8.1/10/11 32 & 64bit
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Features list:



ON KEY - Ability to choose your Key.
Silent Aim - Is solely client side invisible aim-movements.
Target teammates - Can target your teammates.
Ingore Auto-Wall - Doesn't Shoot through the walls.
On Scope - Aim when scoped only (AWP/Scout).
Aim Through Smoke - Aimbot will work through the smoke.
HitBox - Head,Neck,Chest ect...
Aimbot FOV - Field of view, in which the aimbot aims.
Aimbot Smoothness - Making a realistic aim effect.
RCS - Recoil control.



ON KEY - Select any key to get your Triggerbot working.
Target teammates - Can target your teammates.
On Scope - Aim when scoped only (AWP/Scout).
Shot through Smoke - Triggerbotting through the smoke.
HitBox - All Hitboxes are available.
Trigger delay - Shooting time (ms).


GLOW - Drawing a glow around the players.
HEALTH Based - According to health (RGB Colors).
Multi-Color - Rainbow Colors.
Chams - Draws a color for the body.
HEALTH Based - According to health (RGB Colors).
Multi-Color - Rainbow Colors.
Material - Choose any material of chams you want.
Wireframe - A three-dimensional model that only includes vertices and lines.
Backtrack - Allows you to kill enemies not in the position they are in currently but in the position they were in previously.
Backtrack ticks - Select your ticks.
ESP - Draws a Box around the players.
Trace lines - Lines follow players through the walls.
Player Names - Draws a name above the player.
HEAD-DOT - Draws a dot on the head.


Bunnyhop - Auto-Bunnyhopping.
Auto-Strafer - Hold Space key & strafe with your mouse.
ClanTag Changer - A Clantag will draw on your scoreboard beside your name.
AWP/Scout Crosshair - You will have the default crosshair for your AWP/Scout Rifles.
Auto-Pistol - Hold Mouse 1.
Auto-Accept - When a match found, it will automatically accept it.
In-Game RadarHack - Displays points in your radar (Teammates & Enemies).
Spectator List - It allows you to know who's spectating you.
HitSound - When you hit someone, you will hear a sound.
World Color - Change Map Color.
Viewmodel FOV - Change View Model Field Of View.
FOV - Change Field of view.
Flash reduction - Set it to 100% to disable flashing.
Brightness - Ability to change brightness.

C4 Timer

Grenade Prediction


Knives - All knives are available.
Gloves - Change the default Gloves to another gloves.
Stickers - Put 4 Stickers to your weapons.
StatTrak - Set your Number of kills.
NameTag - Make your own NameTag.


Change all the colors of wallhacks.


Config Name - Enter your config name.
LOAD CONFIG - Load your saved config.
SAVE CONFIG - Save your config file.
RESET CONFIG - Reset config to the default.
DELETE CONFIG - Delete your selected config.


Aug 15, 2019
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